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Request for Proposal: Supply and Install Market Stalls

Request for Proposal: Supply and Install Market Stalls

The Municipality of Wawa is issuing this Request for Proposal (“RFP”) to seek out a successful proponent to supply and install market stalls for the Wawa Waterfront Project. The proponent must be able to supply ten (10) small, approx. 10’X10’ stalls that both fits within the design criteria of the Waterfront project as well as abides by all relevant codes for structures within the Province of Ontario. The proponent must also be able to install these buildings. This installation will include the supply and install of an appropriate footing pad for the stalls as well as some landscaping work on the site.

The successful proponent will have demonstrable experience in the fabrication and installation of this type of equipment. Proponents will be asked to submit examples of successful projects where they have supplied and installed similar types of buildings. The contractor will be able to show that they can install the equipment safely and in compliance with all applicable regulations.

The goal of the overall Project is to revitalize the waterfront. This is guided by the 2008 Lapointe Waterfront Plan, a copy of which can be requested at any time during the proposal. The project brief is attached to this RFP and contains further details regarding the project, an overall design and timeline for all project deliverables, including the installation of market stalls. One of the project goals is to have the market running for the July 1 Canada Day Celebrations.

RFP 2018-06 Final