Project Brief

The Gateway to the Boreal Forest Eco-Walk Project located along Wawa Lake in the Municipality of Wawa, implements recommendations from the culmination of several years of study into Wawa’s waterfront restoration, particularly Francis Lapointe’s Waterfront Study of 2008. It supports “the Trail’s” identified need for local tourism product development. The Wawa Waterfront Boreal Eco-Walk Project includes several components such as the construction of bioswales and a wetland to manage storm water currently flowing into Wawa Lake untreated. This has many benefits, from securing Wawa Lake against possible contamination, to addressing an infrastructure deficit in the maintenance and replacement needs of these concrete outflows. It also includes a Boreal Forest themed and accessible eco-walk path to promote that Wawa is the entrance to the Boreal Forest, children’s activities including a new playground, beach stabilization features and interpretive signage and art.

The Project has an estimated cost of $2.1 million dollars of which almost 90%, or $1.9 million dollars could be funded by the provincial and federal governments and donors. This will be addressed and broken out and further outlined in this document.

Please download the entire design brief here for more information on the project.