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Come and explore Wawa, Ontario, Canada and discover the advantages of locating your business in a community full of opportunities.

With a strategic geographical location in close proximity to an unclogged border entrance to millions of customers in the US, Wawa offers many unique advantages to businesses to satisfy the priorities of your new venture or expanded business operation.

Wawa is located 225 kilometres north of Sault Ste. Marie along one of the top-ten drives in Canada, following the breath-taking Lake Superior shoreline. Providing services to several communities in Northeastern Ontario, the Wawa Region covers 90,000 km2 (35,000 square miles) and contains 7,500 people living in: Chapleau, White River, Dubreuilville, and six First Nation communities including Michipicoten First Nation.

Wawa’s major business sectors include: Mining, Tourism, Forestry, Retail and Personal Services. Developing industries consist of Value-Added Forestry, Information Technology, Transportation and Diamond Mining. The community also boosts a full-service hospital, state-of-the-art communication infrastructure consisting of digital switching and fibre optics, land and buildings available for immediate development at a much lower cost than other towns, competitive wages, a skilled and efficient workforce with weak union presence and access to many unique government funding programs available only to businesses that locate in Northern Ontario.

Wawa also offers a unique competitive advantage to industries that can benefit from low-cost transportation by providing both rail and shipping services through Michipicoten Harbour on Lake Superior.

The Wawa Community Profile provides an overview of the superior quality of life, availability of skilled labour, affordable land and opportunities that exist in the community.

Please visit the Economic Development Corporation of Wawa website for more information. The EDC of Wawa welcomes all business inquiries.