Official Plan

The Official Plan is a planning policy document that establishes goals, objectives, land use designations and land use policies for those designations to manage and direct development and land uses throughout the Municipality. Official Plans are generally viewed as “living documents” subject to amendment over time. Official Plans are reviewed on a regular basis.

Official Plans provide an effective means by which to inform the public of how their land can be used and what the municipality has deemed to be most appropriate in terms of land use designation. In essence, it acts as the road map by providing direction for community planning decisions. Official Plans are used as a tool to ensure appropriate uses of land are promoted in the Municipality based on the principles of good planning, and municipal policies. The Plan helps to guide the effective provision of infrastructure, and establishes a set of local regulations and standards to guide site specific development.

Official Plan Amendments

A site-specific amendment to an Official Plan policy (or map amendment) requires Council’s approval. The Official Plan amendment process can take one year from application to final approval. The Planning Act sets out the legislative requirements, including public consultation process, which must be met prior to the passing of an Official Plan Amendment. A basic application fee is required to cover normal costs incurred in processing the Official Plan amendment application. For further information on fees, process or application form, please contact the Municipal Offices.

The Official Plan Amendment Application Form

Municipality of Wawa Official Plan

On November 2, 2010, Council adopted the new Wawa Official Plan in accordance with Section 17(22) of the Planning Act. The Official Plan was approved by Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing on March 28, 2011.

Council for the Municipality of Wawa appreciates the time many members of the community spent to become involved in the preparation of our new Official Plan.

Wawa Official Plan
Approval of the Municipality of Wawa Official Plan