Livestream of Municipal Council Meetings

Council & Committee Meetings

The Council of the Municipality of Wawa meets twice a month. Regular Council meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday’s of each month. Council Committee meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday’s of each month. Special Council meetings are called from time to time as needed.

Meetings start at 6:30 pm in Council Chambers (Town Hall, 40 Broadway Avenue, Wawa) unless otherwise posted.

The public is welcome to attend Council or Committee meetings.

Please view the Municipal Calendar for upcoming meetings and special dates.

Protocol for Electronic Participation in Meetings of Council during the Declared Emergency (COVID-19)

The Municipality of Wawa has amended its Procedural By-law to allow for electronic participation at Council meetings during a declared emergency through the passage of By-Law No. 3292-20, dated the 30th day of March, 2020. Council meetings will continue as regularly scheduled unless otherwise noted. The Procedural By-law will continue to apply to such Council meetings including the conduct of business on an agenda, unless modifications are necessary because of limitations to the technology being used.

This Protocol has been established by the Clerk to advise how to participate in the public portions of these meetings. Such procedures may be modified slightly from usual procedures given the use of technology for electronic participation. All electronic Council meetings will be streamed live, where possible, or posted for later viewing on YouTube at the following link Council Agendas will continue to be published four (4) days in advance of the regular meeting date.

Those wishing to participate in Open Forum during a Council meeting:

  • Submit an email containing your name, address and your comments on the matter to prior to 4:00 pm on the day of the meeting
  • Your comment must relate to an item on the agenda. Please note: you are free to contact any member of Council directly with other matters at
  • Ensure your statement will not take longer than five minutes to read (approximately 1 page).       Statements that are longer than 1 page will be read at the discretion of the Chair.
  • If your statement is received prior to the start of the meeting and otherwise complies with these conditions, your name and statement will be read by the Clerk at the meeting and will form part of the public record.
  • If your statement duplicates other statements received, or does not relate to an item on the meeting’s agenda, it may not be read.

Those wishing to make a Deputation before Council:

  • Submit a completed Request for Deputation form, including preferred date.
  • Ensure any presentation you wish to share with Council during your deputation is received by the Clerk five days prior to the meeting.
  • Ensure you have access to a telephone to call in and participate electronically as an ‘Attendee’ to make your deputation to Council during their meeting.
  • Once your deputation request has been received and approved for a Council meeting date, you will receive further detailed instructions on how to participate in the Council meeting.

Those wishing to participate in Public Planning Meetings:

  • It is recommended that all comments or questions on planning applications be submitted in writing to . Written submissions are not required at a public meeting but can be made at a later date and will be accepted up to the date that Council makes a decision on the matter.
  • Submissions on planning matters will not be read at the Council meeting but will be forwarded to planning staff for consideration and/or response. Council will be apprised of all public comments received prior to making a decision on the application.
  • If you wish to receive information on a specific planning application or to be notified of an upcoming meeting related to a planning matter please email or .
  • If you are unable to make written submissions and therefore wish to make an oral statement during the public planning meeting please email prior to noon on the date of the meeting to register. You will be provided further instructions on how you will connect during the meeting.
  • All oral statements will be recorded as part of the electronic meeting and will be posted for public viewing at

Any questions with respect to this Protocol may be directed to the Clerk at or the CAO at

Delegations to Council and/or Committee Meetings

Any member of the public may attend a meeting of Council or Committee of Council. Participation in such a meeting, however, requires further knowledge.

Public Participation at Council and/or Committee Meetings

All delegations requesting permission to appear before Council or committee meetings are required to submit a written request to the Corporate Services (Clerk’s) Department, outlining your presentation topic. It is advisable to contact the Municipal Clerk at 705-856-2244, one week prior to the meeting date to confirm your delegation request.

Preparing a Presentation

  • Identify yourself by giving your name and address, who you represent, your background and your involvement in the issue.
  • Keep your presentation as simple and clear as possible. Say what you think is important, but avoid repetition.
  • Know your subject and be prepared to answer questions on points you raise or points in the staff report, especially ones with which you have a disagreement.

Speaking time is generally limited to 5 minutes if the delegation is speaking on his/her own behalf at the Council meeting. When the delegation is representing three or more persons present at the meeting, the delegation may be allotted 10 minutes in which to make the presentation.

When speaking at a Committee meeting you may be allotted up to 20 minutes to make a presentation when you are representing three or more persons present at the meeting. If you think that more time will be required, or if your presentation includes maps, slides or other visual aids you can let the Municipal Clerk know and you may be allotted additional time to complete the presentation.

If you have concerns about an issue and wish to speak to Council regarding your concerns, you will need to write a letter to the Municipal Clerk outlining your position and requesting that the item be placed on the Committee or Council Agenda. The Municipal Clerk will contact you with information as to when the item will be placed on the agenda and the time and location of the meeting.

For additional information on being a delegation please contact the Municipal Clerk by phone 705-856-2244.