What To Do With Ashes

What to do with ashes in your fireplace, wood or pellet stove

Improper ash disposal has become a common cause of many fires. Wood ashes retain enough heat to ignite other combustable materials for several days. Fire officials caution homeowners about this serious threat to the safety of their families and homes. Please be careful!

What can you do to prevent fires from igniting from hot wood ash?

  • Dispose of wood ashes in a metal container that can be tightly closed, douse with water, place closed container outside your home away from combustible materials and leave in the container for several days before disposing of them. (Did you know that many people dispose of their wood stove ashes in garbage containers that are often plastic or even paper bags? It doesn’t take much heat for these types of containers to burst into flames.)
  • Teach other family members about the dangers associated with hot ash disposal.
  • Do not place hot ashes in a dumpster where there are certainly other combustible materials.
  • Do not assume the ashes are cold and dispose with household garbage.

A cord of wood produces about 50 pounds of ashes, which can be used for many other purposes. Once you are POSITIVE your container of ashes is “Cold”, place in a pile and prepare your container for the next load. Lets all enjoy the winter season and our beautiful community safety and responsibly.

Thank you.